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GRE Vocabulary : Vol. 1 : 18 Words


GRE Vocabulary Words -- Supplement to Kaplan New GRE Vocabulary Flashcards -- 3rd Edition -- Themes: How you say it AND Word Pairs

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1.To soften; to lessen; allay; alleviate; assuage; ease; lighten; moderate; mollify; palliate.
4.Lasting a short time. Evanescent; fleeting; momentary; transient.
7.Pompous in speech and manner. Bloated; declamatory; fustian; grandiose; pretentious; magniloquent; orotund.
10.Not fully formed; disorganized. Amorphous; incoherent; incomplete; unorganized.
11.Public disgrace. Discredit; disgrace; dishonor; disrepute; ignominy; infamy; obloquy; shame.
14.Grammatical mistake. Blooper; faux pas; vulgarism.
16.Starting to develop; coming into existence. Embryonic; emerging; inchoate; incipient.
17.Talkative; speaking easily; glib; loquacious; verbose.
2.Temporary; lasting a brief time. Ephemeral; evanescent; fleeting; impermanent; momentary.
3.Cynical; scornfully mocking. Acerbic, caustic; sarcastic; satirical; snide.
5.Persuasive and moving, especially in speech. Articulate; expressive; fluent; meaningful.
6.Profound or substantial yet concise, succinct, and to the point. Brief; compact; laconic; terse.
8.Tending to talk a lot. Effusive; loquacious.
9.Talkative. Effusive; garrulous; verbose.
12.To make less serious; to ease. Alleviate; assuage; extenuate; mitigate.
13.Stinking; putrid; disgusting; foul; malodorous.
15.Unemotional; lacking sensitivity. Apathetic; impassive; indifferent; phlegmatic; stoic; unconcerned.
17.To annoy, irritate, puzzle, or confuse. Annoy; bother; chafe; exasperate; irk; nettle; peeve; provoke.

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