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Edgar Allan Poe Crossword

Elizabeth Platt

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33       34        

3.What disease did Poe's mother, father, wife, and brother die from?
5.The father did what shortly after Poe's sister was born?
8.In the tale "A Descent into Maelstorm," what is a "Maelstorm?"
9.What type of animal was the suspect in the tale "Murders in the Rue Morgue?"
10.What was the first detective story ever written by Poe? (6 Words)
12.What did Poe turn to shortly after his wife died?
13.What was Edgar's dad's name?
15.What is the tale about being buried alive? (3 Words)
16.What was the name of the love Poe lost in the poem "The Raven?"
17.Where is the house now located where Poe's wife died? (2 Words)
19.What was Edgar's job when he worked for magazines and newspapers?
20.Name of the Island in the book "The Gold Bug"? (2 Words)
21.William Legrand was a character in which tale that Poe wrote? (3 Words)
22.What state was Edgar born in?
24.What age did Poe die?
25.What society did Poe join to help him stop drinking? (3 Words)
28.What city was Edgar born in?
31.Poe was found in what before he was taken to a hospital the night he died?
32.In the book 'The Raven,' what word did the raven keep repeating?
34.What animal did Poe have a fascination for?
35.What month was Edgar Allan Poe born?
36.Where in England did Poe and his foster parents move to?
37.What item links Poe to the 'Balloon Boy?'
1.Edgar married his 13-year old cousin; what was her name?
2.what was the nickname given to Poe? (4 Words)
4.What university did Edgar attend? (3 Words)
6.What was the name of the poem that Poe wrote that best describes him?
7.Which story did poe write that featured a vulture-like eye and a 'beating' heart? (3 Words)
10.What is the name of the comedy about being drunk? (5 Words)
11.What is the title of a haunting supernatural tale written in 1838?
14.Poe enlisted in what in the name of Edgar A. Perry?
18.Which month did Poe die?
23.How old was Poe when he was orphaned?
26.What country did the tale "The Main of the Crowd" take place?
27.What was his mother's first name?
29.Which poem featured a raven and brought Poe great fame? (2 Words)
30.What type of story is 'Eleonora?'
33.Poe's lack of funding for university caused him to do this?

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