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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


The first Disney animated movie is now fully complete with a compatible crossword, with our new 'product' Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: The Crossword Puzzle! Also check out our word search and word scramble!

1 2
6 7          
9   10    
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14                         15        
16             17          
  18 19 20    

4.This area was the area Snow White fled through when the huntsman told her to run
6.This dwarf is always joyful, happy, and glad
8.The weapon that the huntsman almost uses on Snow White
11.This dwarf is shy, and blushes a lot when near Snow White
12.This lucky person is the one to break the spell
14.The spell that is put on a fruit to put Snow White to 'sleep' forever
16.This animal sees the queen ultimately die and afterwards, they eat her
17.The area where the dwarfs mine for precious jewels
21.The main character in the movie; the fairest one of all
22.This dwarf always sneezes, and the other dwarfs usually tie his hair in a knot to prevent him from sneezing
23.This animal is the queen's pet
24.The person that the queen sends to kill Snow White
25.This tool is used for mining the precious jewels found in the mineshaft
1.The creepy character that the queen transforms into for a disguise
2.The year this movie was released [Ex: 1986 is One-Nine-Eight-Six]
3.The leader of the seven dwarfs, who happens to be one of the wiser ones
5.This dwarf always sleeps on the job
7.This is the fruit that is tainted by the queen to kill Snow White forever
9.The main antagonist in the movie
10.The dwarf that doesn't immediately accept Snow White's prescense
13.The magical object that tells the queen who the fairest one of all is
15.The dwarf that is probably the more clueless one of the group
18.This animal bothers Sleepy a lot, preventing him from sleeping
19.This area is where the dwarfs live
20.The species that the character Grumpy is

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