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1 2
3               4
  6   7          
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  12               13

3.force exerted over an area
7.measures magnitude and direction
10.the spatial separation between two points
11.the ability to do work
12.graphical analysis of a patient's hearing acuity or thresholds
15.power to which a number is raised
1.measure of the pull of gravity on a particular mass and varies as to where in the universe
2.opposition to continuing motion in the real world, resistance between two objects
4.a push or a pull
5.measures magnitude only (such as length)
6.a body tends to oppose any change in motion
8.number of periods or cycles completed per unit time
9.the time-rate change in displacement, vector incorporating both magnitude and direction
13.property of all matter, (whether gaseous, liquid or solid)
14.the force required to accelerate a body whose mass is one kilogram at a rate of one meter per second squared

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