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Canadian Government

Samantha McLachlan

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1.The most powerful political leader. (2 Words)
3.This branch of government rules according to the laws.
6.The ______ is a figurehead for the government.
7.Which level of government handles treaty negotiations? (2 Words)
12.The "final stop" (2 Words)
13.This branch of government makes the laws.
2.The Prime Minister of Canada is _______. (2 Words)
4.The leader of the ________ government is Greg Selinger.
5.The leader of the First Nations Government is _______. (2 Words)
8.This branch of government enforces our laws.
9.This level of government looks after police and fire protection.
10.This level of government looks after all Canadians.
11.This person decides whether or not to pass bills to law.

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