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Water & Aqueous Systems

Clay Lanham

Throught chapter 15 you will learn about water and its poroperties, homogeneous aqueous systems,and heterogenous aqueous systems.

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3.Water that contains dissolved substances. (2 Words)
5.Process by which the positive and negative ions of an ionic solid become surrounded by solvent molecules.
6.The inward force, or pulltha tend to minimize the surface area of a liquid is called _____. (2 Words)
7.A compound that conducts an electric rurent when it is in anaqueuous solution or in the molten state.
9.The chaotic movement of colloidal particles caused by collisions of the molecules of the dispersion medium with the small, dispersed colloidal particles. (2 Words)
11.Water dissolving sugar.
12.Conducts electricity poorly because only a fraction of the solute in the solution exists as ions. (2 Words)
13.Sugar that is being dissolved in water.
15.A colloidal dispersion of a liquid into a liquid.
16.Any substance that interferes with the hydrogen bonding between water molecules and thereby reduces surface tension.
1.Nearly all the dissolved compounds exist as ions . (2 Words)
2.A compound that does not conduct an electric current in either aqueous solution or the molten state.
4.A mixture from which partilces settle out ipon standing.
8.The scattering of visible light by colloidal particles. (2 Words)
10.Smaller than those in suspensions and large than thos in solutions.
14.A compound that contains water of hydration.

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