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105 Vocabulary Check

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1.Architectural or working drawings used to represent a structure or system.
4.In drafting, a line on which an arrowhead is placed and used to identify a component.
5.A description of the symbols and abbreviations used in a set of drawings.
6.A general term used for both water supply and all liquid waste disposals.
8.A large horizontal structural member made of concrete, steel, stone, wood, or other structural material to provide support above a large opening.
9.A qualified, licensed person who creates and designs drawings for a construction project.
10.Height above sea level, or other defined surface, usually expressed in feet.
11.Measurements such as length, width, and height shown on a drawing.
12.A drawing that represents a material or component on a plan.
2.Precise written presentation of the details of a plan.
3.A person who applies scientific principles in design and construction.
7.The ratio between the size of the drawing of an object and the size of the actual object.

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