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CentreLine - Ontario MTO


Two or more word answers have a space between them. Answers can be found in the article CentreLine.

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6.Smoking in a car with minors is illegal and a _____ of up to $250 could be imposed.
7.Breathing ____ _____ ______ (three words) is just as dangerous as the real thing.
9.Windsor does not have any _____ lanes, but the larger cities do.
10.Cells phone usage while driving is ____ ______ (two words) more likely to cause accidents.
11.Another word for punishment.
12.The ___ ages for drinking and driving are between 19 and 21.
13.Using the _____ is a convenient way to access government services.
1.Lanes specifically for two or more occupants in the car are called ____ ______ _____ (three words) lanes.
2.Any device that is ____ _____ (two words) is illegal for the driver to use while the car is running.
3.The Drive Clean test is to control __________.
4.An enhanced driver's license is an alternative for entry into the USA only by ____ ___ ____ (three words).
5.You begin with zero ____ _______ (two words).
8.It is a serious ______ to not observe the rules of the road relating to emergency vehicles.

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