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Ms. Stamatis

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4.Man, this class is so ___________________ that I'm falling asleep.
7.She _______________________ snuck out of her bedroom after her parents were asleep.
8.Mr. Dosky is so __________________ that he can't sit still.
9.Rabbits often _________________________, that's why there are so many of them.
10.Why would you _________________________ the opportunity to go to prom, don't you want to go?
12.Can I _______________________ the favor and buy you lunch next time since you bought mine today?
17.Things that are always changing are ____________________________.
19.The Queen was _______________________ when she offered to buy me a state.
25.He tried to _______________ the puppy, but it just kept wiggling.
27.My brother always speaks most _________________________ when he is trying to convince me to do something.
30.Your parents won't even let you drink soda because it's "morally wrong," man, they're ________________________.
31.A dictator always _________________ all the power from the people.
32.Her _____________________ was overwhelming, she was always passionate and almost too intense.
33.I'm going to have to _____________________________ your opinion about biking because you have never ridden a bike before.
34.While some people think this class is insipid and _________________, I rather like it.
35.Have you ever had a dream that you could control? I think it's called ________________ dreaming.
1.The haunted house stood _____________________ on the hill.
2.Because Mr. Dosky is so frenetic, he is also often noisy and obstreperous.
3.He was ______________________ in his investigation of the car accident, he looked at all of the details.
5.She was so _________________________ that she looked like she had eaten a lemon.
6.I think that Romeo and Juliet is a magical, __________________________ play about faeries.
11.Why are you so _______________________ and reserved, you never say anything.
13.That pug is ___________________________, it just wants to fight.
14.My brother acted ______________________ when he decided to break into Disney World.
15.The sound of the waitress farting was so ________________________ that I almost didn't notice.
16.He ______________ his little brother from the group because his brother was whining.
18.Eeyore, the donkey on Winnie the Pooh, is always ______________________ and glum.
20.My cousins are so _____________________, they make friends with everyone easily.
21.Wow, that was a ________________________ fight, what was wrong?
22.That bug is totally hamless, it's even ___________________________.
23.The judge ________________________________ made a fair decision.
24.Why are you so vindictive? You don't have to hurt someone just because they hurt you.
26.Sometimes things that I don't understand seem too ________________________ to figure out.
28.Running into a burning building is completely __________________, bold, but a little stupid.
29.I'm often ___________________ in the summer. I never want to move quickly when it's so hot.

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