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Abbotts Magic Get Together

Abbott Magic Shop

In celebration of the upcoming 76th Magic Get Together we have created a crossword puzzle which features some of the more than 800 magicians who have been a part of this event for the past 75 years. The 76th Get Together takes place in Colon Michigan August 7 - 10, 2013 and all are welcome!

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  3 4                  
    7                               8
11                     12              
  13   14                     15      
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  24   25                        

4.When he wasn't floating Zombie Balls he was the first Editor for Abbotts New Tops
7.He performed at the Abbott Talent Contest as David Kotkin as a teen
9.Winner of Abbott's Talent Contest he went on Michael Jacksons Victory Tour
10.This creator of TV magic cards also performed at Abbotts in 1978
11.This multiple Get Together performer is a Guiness record holder in 3 categories and is headling the Get Together in 2013
12.In addition to the TV specials and Harrah's performances, he has performed 4 times at Abbotts
14.He is the host of Abbotts Vent O Rana when he is not being interviewed by Barbara Walters on the View
17.This 5 time Get Together performer was voted Vegas Magician of the Year in 2003
21.Performed at 15 Abbott Get Togethers and started the career of Bob Hope
24.A repeat guest on the Carson show, this closeup magician performed at Abbotts in 1988
26.He first appeared at Abbotts in 1943 and his course in magic is still popular today
27.As a teen he won the 1977 Abbott Talent Contest
28.The Magic Land of Allakazam featured this 1962 performer
29.First appeared at the Get Together in 1941 then later started MAK magic
1.This multiple Get Together performer also played Thing on the Addams Family movies
2.He first appeared at Abbotts in 1961 and played Rebo the Clown on Television
3.His TV show was called the Magic Ranch and he performed at Abbotts in 1961
5.This 19 time Get Together performer was used as a prop in his fathers show
6.This Ventriloquist performed twice at Abbotts and is father to Candice Bergen
8.Author of Spirit theatre he performed Closeup at the 2012 Get Together
11.He celebrated his 90th and 100th birthday at Abbotts in 2001 and 2011
13.The creator of the Zombie Ball, he performed 3 times at Abbotts in the 1940's
15.He performed at the inauguration of President George W. Bush and twice at Abbotts
16.He first appeared in 1971 and is best known for his newspaper tear
18.This 9 time Get Together performer does a Red Skelton tribute show in Branson
19.He last appeared at Abbotts in 2012 and is the founding editor of Magic Magazine
20.He was known as the King of Korn in his 40 Get Together appearances
22.Before becoming a Vegas performer he finished second and first at multiple Abbott Talent Contests
23.Before his lightbulb went to the Smithsonian it floated on Abbotts stage in 1961
25.In 1939, this magician ended up part of a wedding party at the Get Together

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