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Biology Year in Review

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1.states that eukaryotes originated from prokaryotes living inside other prokaryotic cells, forming mitochondria & chloroplasts (2 Words)
4.process of cell division of body cells
6.long chain composed of repeating chemical subunits; proteins, DNA, starch
8.protein that speeds up a reaction; ends in "ase"
9.T-4 helper _______ ________ _______ are destroyed by HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) that causes AIDS (3 Words)
10.reproductive cells
11.changes in the DNA makeup of a population due to random chance (2 Words)
15.process that breaks down glucose to make ATP (2 Words)
19.microorganisms that live in extreme environments
21.process of cell division that results in gametes
22.semi-permeable membrane that allows certain substances to pass in & out of a cell (2 Words)
25.solution has a higher solute concentration than the cell; water moves out of cell
27.process that occurs in which cells & tissues become specialized (2 Words)
31.process of turning mRNA code into a specific protein; happens at ribosome
35.a molecule that is important for life; contains C, H, O; made of subunits
36.phosphate, sugar, N base; subunit of nucleic acid
40.physical trait of an organism
41.stored energy; insulation; made up of fatty acid subunits
42.the Miller-Urey experiment showed that simple ___________ molecules could form in the early conditions on earth
43.three-letter (base) code for amino acid
44.diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane; passive transport
45.often an enzyme that speeds up a reaction; made of amino acid subunits
46.transports water in plants
2.A, T, C, G; sequence of these determines amino acids that make proteins that give organisms traits (2 Words)
3._______________ structures are similar in organisms; evidence for evolution (2 Words)
5.Roots, ____________, & leaves are tissues in plants
7.alleles (genetic makeup) of an organism (letters Tt)
12.provide energy; made of monosaccharide subunits
13.carries genetic information; made of nucleotide subunits (2 Words)
14.process by which molecules of a substance move from areas of higher concentration to areas of lower concentration; passive transport
16.process of making mRNA from DNA strand; occurs in nucleus
17.All ______________ have a plasma membrane, cytoplasm, genetic material, & ribosomes.
18.shows how nitrogen moves through the biosphere - includes nitrogen fixation & various reactions in the soil (2 Words)
20.shows how carbon moves through the biosphere - includes food chains, photosynthesis, fossil fuels (2 Words)
23.organelle found in plant, animal, & other eukaryotic cells responsible for energy conversions
24.any organism with a nucleus in its cells
26.Blood, muscle, & _______________ are tissues in animals
28.organelle found in plant cells that does photosynthesis
29.compound used for energy in living things
30.particles that affect living organisms by reproducing in a host cell, destroying the cell
32.solution have a lower solute concentration than the cell; water moves in to cell
33.organelle that does protein synthesis - translation of mRNA to make proteins
34.unicellular organism that lacks a nucleus
36.Not all cells have a ____________ with a nuclear membrane.
37.growth of plants in a particular direction due to environmental factors
38.transports food in plants
39.full sequence of an individual's DNA

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