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Ceramics 1

Ms Blitz

Terms for Wedging, Health and Safety and Glaze homeworks

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1.Great material to wedge on but accumulates dust
4.What's left on pot once the bisque-ware pulls out all the water in the glaze
7.Flux starting with the letter "L"
11.The fluxing agent in Egyptian paste
12.Chemical compound that is the main component of glass
13.Kiln of ancient China - 2 words
15.The type of dangerous contact when you "breath in" a chemical
17.Agent that lowers the melting temperature of high temp compounds/minerals
18.Most common injury to a ceramists due to heavy or awkward lifting ( 2 words)
20.The rock/mineral that silica is derived from in nature
23.Chemical exposure causing cellular mutations
24.A potentially deadly lung disease caused by clay dust
25.Bits of fired clay added to a clay body to increase its strength
26.Being in contact with, around or in the vicinity of
29.A general type of nose and mouth covering that filters dust -2 words
33.Dissolves in water
35.Compound that melts at very high temps
36.Cancer causing
37.Term in wedging for well mixed consistency
39.The "cure" for staying healthy as a ceramist
42.Protects the legs from the heat of the kiln
44.The Chinese mixed this substance with water for the first applied glaze
45.Besides increasing a clay-body's strength, bits of fired clay also helps prevent cracks due to _______?
47.The type of dangerous contact when you consume a chemical
48.Synonym for reused containers
2.Element when added to a glaze acts as a stabilizer
3.Develops or builds up over time (2 words)
5.Synonym for kneading
6.The term used to describe Egyptian paste as a glaze - 2 words
8.Abbreviation for Material Safety Data Sheets
9.Flux starting with the letter "M"
10.The type of mask that is approved to filter clay particles
14.Inflammation of the skin -allergic reaction
16.Protects the eyes from the heat of the kiln
17.Synonym for "runny"
19.First firing in which clay is fired to earthenware temps
21.The color of Egyptian paste
22.Wedging expels pockets of this
27.Wedging on this material draws moisture but if it gets into the clay body can cause "lime-pops"
28.The type of dangerous contact when you "touch" a chemical
30.One of the four surface effects of a glaze that determines it's shininess
31.Protects your hands from the heat of the kiln
32.The part of the hand used to push the clay when wedging
34.Flux that starts with the letter "B"
38.Type of filters used in studio vacuum cleaners
40.Any ceramic material with a high melting temp
41.Synonym for poisonous
42.One of the four surface effects of glaze that determines its pigment
43.What is physically needed to wedge a large mass of clay
46.Only material to wedge on that does not draw moisture out of the clay

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