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Lord Of The Flies Crossword

Quinn Woroniuk

This is a crossword to test you on William Golding's "Lord of the Flies"! ENJOY! :)

1       2 3 4 5        
8     9   10    
  13       14        
15 16        
17             18     19        
22         23
  26 27    

1.How do the boys call for an assembly?
4.What does Piggy suffer from?
6.What is Lord of the Flies?
7.Where did they see the beast?
8.What did they think the beast was at first?
11.What is the reason the boys were found?
12.How do the boys say asthma?
13.what did trees and vines turn into at night?
17.Besides Ralph and Piggy - the rest of the boys become ______?
19."Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Bash her in." Is their signature _____?
20.Where were the boys from?
21.What destroys the conch?
22.Who was Jack's sidekick?
25.What do the boys mainly eat?
26.What do they call where the plane crashed?
2.What do Jack and the rest of the choir boys claim to be?
3.Where was Piggy's death?
5.Who are the twins?
9.What do the boys use to start a fire?
10.Who is keeps reciting his own information?
14.Who discovers the conch?
15.Where are the boys stuck?
16.Who is the leader of the choir boys?
18.Who does Jack order to be tied up?
22.Who is responsible for Piggy's death?
23.Whose father was in the Navy?
24.Ralph has a bad habit of biting his_____?
25.What is Ralph most concerned with?
27.At sight of the officer - all the boys begin to _____ ?

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