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Science Word Search

Breshunika Astin

1 2 3
4   5    
6                   7      
12   13             14          
      15   16  
      17 18 19                

6.Break down things.
9.An evergreen forest.
11.The opposite of salty water.
12.Both organisms benefits.
14.A coniferous forest.
19.When freshwater and salty word meets.
20.A higher level that organisms gets its food chain from other living things.
21.Hot and dry all year.
1.One benefits and the other one is harm.
2.Is a wildlife forest.
3.Is locate in the North Hemisphere.
4.A contest between two organisms.
5.Eats meat.
7.Grassland plain.
8.One benefits and the other one neutral.
10.Is a host.
12.Pertaining to the sea.
13.The vast treeless plains of Siberia,Arctic and North America.
15.Eats plants.
16.Gets its food from the sun.
17.A large hill.
18.Eats both plants and animals.

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