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The Renaissance Review Crossword Puzzle

Sophia Aguirre

Try your best to remember the answers, but you are allowed to use your text book. You are NOT, though allowed to use your chapter test. Have fun! :)

2           3   4              
    5 6
9     10      
          12 13 14  
16 17                                
  19   20                 21  
24                       25            

2.He painted the Mona Lisa
4.This is the emphasis on man's ability and worth
8.This is one Shakespeare's most famous, but sad plays
11.The Madonna means this
15.This was Not used by Renaissance artists to make their work more lifelike
16.These texts brought about the Renaisance
18.During the Renaissance, the church needed more of this to build cathedrals, to support the lifestyle of the Vatican, and to decorate cathedrals (there are more answers, but these are some of the ones we've studied in the text book)
20.This is the loyalty, devotion, or dedication to one's nation
23.He sculpted the famous statue David and La Pieta
24.This is a word that is used to describe how Christianity developed into two big branches in the Middle Ages. The Western part later became the Roman Catholic Church. The Eastern part is known as the Eastern Orthodox Church
25.What is the name of the pope's residence
26.Shakespeare wrote these poems that had 14 lines and rhymed every other line until the last two which rhyme together
27.No one knows in this famous painting if he/she is smiling or not
1.Petrarch was considered this
3.The famous poet, Geoffrey Chaucer wrote this
5.This is the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language
6.This is the name for the people who supported artists and hired them to work
7.This is the a technique of depicting volumes and spatial relationships on a flat surface
9.He wrote some tales in Old English
10.These people were given this name because they disagreed with the Catholic Church
11.This was the Renaissance man's favorite subject to study
12.This was a man whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas
13.In 1506, around 4000 Jews were slaughtered during this
14.This means "rebirth" (*HINT: answer in earlier question)
17.This is the meaning of the French word that Renaissance comes from
19.This is the native language spoken by the people of an area
21.This was a subject NOT taught in the course of humanities
22.The first complete book printed by Gutenberg

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