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Chemistry Review

1   2    
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        7 8 9 10      
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27             28   29           30
            31 32 33      
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  42               43          

1.Negatively charged
6.Another name for family
9.Bond created from gaining or losing electrons
13.Found on the periodic table
14.A charged atom
15.Positively charged
16.Contains more hydroxide ions
18.The ability to dissolve
20.Mass divided by volume
21.Combining an acid and a base
22.Physically not chemically combined
23.Contains more hydrogen ions
27.Bond created from wandering electrons
29.Contains most of an atom's mass
33.A counting unit of Avagadro's number
34.Bonded atoms
35.The greater amount that does the dissolving
37.A substance that changes color to determine acids and bases
39.Measured in grams
40.The energy of motion
42.Change that results in the same substance
43.Chemistry is a study of _____
44.Contains the atom's electrons
45.Volume nor shape can change
46.Substances that come out of a chemical reaction
2.Atoms with different numbers of neutrons
3.How much space something takes up
4.Combining of nuclei
5.Located to the right of the zigzag line
7.Located on the zigzag line (except Al)
8.Stored energy
10._____ number = how many electrons an atom will gain or lose
11.Both shape and volume can change
12.Shape can change, volume cannot
17.Substances that go into a chemical reaction
18.How hard it is to change the temperature of a substance
19.The building block of matter
24.Written with a chemical formula
25.The outward push of a substance on it's container
26.A mixture of metals
28.Change that results in a new substance
30.The lesser amount that is dissolved
31.Located to the left of the zigzag line
32.____ number = the number of protons
33._____ number = the number of protons and neutrons
36.Splitting of a nucleus
38.Bond created from sharing electrons
40.The temperature scale used for gases
41.Runs left to right on the periodic table
42.Molecule with oppositely charged ends

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