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letter B

Maria. G.

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3.use of organisms to clean up toxic waste.
4.a solution that resists changes in pH wheb limited amount of acid or base aree added.
6.collapsing wave that forms when a wave reaches shallow water and is slowed by friction with the ocean bottom.
7.the amount of acid or base a buffer solution can absorb without a significant change in pH.
9.the temperature at which a liquid's vapor pressure is equal to the external or atmospheric pressure.
10.number of living births per 1000 population in a given year
11.the upward force exerted on an object immersed in a fluid
1.the jerky, random, rapid movements of colloid particles that results from collisions of particles of the dispersion medium with the dispersed particles.
2.ability to walk on two legs
3.all the living organisms that inhabit an enviroment.
5.fluid - filled sac located between the bones that absorb shock and keep bones from rubbing against each other.
6.small, extremely dense remnant of a star whose gravity is so immense that not even light can escape its gravity field.
7.type of asexual reproduction in unicellular yeasts and some other organisms in which a cell or group of cells pinch off from the parent to form a new individual.
8.portion of earth that supports life; extends from high in the atmosphere to he bottom of the oceans.

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