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Chapter 24

2                 3
4                           5  
  7                                                 8

2.raw materials, parts purchased from suppliers, manufactured sub-assemblies, work-in-process, packing materials, or finished goods.
4.a method used by sellers or manufacturers to mark the price before delivering the merchandise to the retailer.
7.tracks the number of items in inventory on a constant basis.
9.information recorded by businesses about the goods they receive.
10.the number of times the average inventory has been sold and replaced in a given period of time.
11.5-digit number that identifies the manufacturer.
12.requires the receiver to write the description of merchandise.
13.the planning and monitoring if the total inventory investment made by a business during a stated period of time.
14.measures the amounts of merchandise a business handles during a stated period of time.
15.the process of buying and storing materials and products while controlling costs for ordering, shipping, handling, and storage.
16.a random check of one carton (such as one out of every 20).
1.when the pricing information is marked in advance on the purchase order.
3.done to inspect the workmanship and general characteristics of the received merchandise.
4.coded information for a specific product used for inventory control.
5.an inventory system in which stock is visually inspected or actually counted to determine the quantity on hand.
6.the merchandise is checked directly against the actual invoice or purchase order.
8.used for fasjonable merchandise.

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