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Pre-WWII Puzzle

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1.Another name for WWI...
6.Germany, Italy, Japan, and Soviet Russia were what form of government during WWII?
8.The 1920's is/was also known as...
12.What was the 'socialistic' action taken by President FDR to help the economy?
14.The early 30's were also known as...
17.A movement of cultural arts in the African-American community during the 20's...
18.The acronym for the causes of WWI...
19.Who was a riling force for the Temperance Movement?
2.The treaty that ended WWI...
3.Buying stock on credit is known as... (A cause of The Great Depression)
4.What president is blamed for The Great Depression?
5.A government led by a dictator, focusing on racism... (Germany)
7.The peace keeping group that was founded at the end of WWI...
9.What American gangster is known for the St. Valentine's Day Massacre?
10.What were the "Bad Guys" known as during WWII?
11.What did prohibition outlaw?
13.Who was a big star during the "Silent Era?"
15.A government led by a dictator, focusing on nationalism... (Italy)
16.What was a new style women took on in the 20's?
17.What were the "Good Guys" known as during WWII?

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