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Math Terms

Jacob Roode

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    5             6  
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    18           19      
  22                           23  
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      31         32  
  37                 38  

1.the answer to a multiplication problem
5.Two intgers that are comepletely opposite each other on a number line
8.one panel on a coordinate plane
10.One of the numbers in an ordered pair
12.A chart used to solve ratios or unit rates. (2 Words)
13.out of 100, used when solving for interest
14.a letter in an equation that represents an unknown
15.An expression, often algebraic, naming the equalities of two quantities
18.Zero on a coordinate plane
19.the lowest number at which two numbers meet
21.a complete mathematical quantity
22.a number line with two lines (3 Words)
26.a number that is only divisible by one, zero, and itself (2 Words)
29.The non-negative version of a number (2 Words)
30.the vertical axis on a coordinate plane
31.another word for average
34.raises the number to the _______ power
35.a number greater than or in front of zero (2 Words)
36.an amount per unit of quantity
37.An example of this is 4 minutes PER 1 mile (2 Words)
39.A number that gets multiplied in a multiplication sentence
2.split into into four quadrants by egative and positive x and y axis (2 Words)
3.the horizontal axis on a coordinate plane
4.a diagram that uses circles to represent the similarities and differences of two things (2 Words)
6.An educated guess, a guess close to the actual answer
7.a number that can be a divisor of a different number
8.the answer to a division problem
9.the answer to an addition problem
11.A number that can be expressed by a ratio of two integers (2 Words)
16.Two number put together that are graphed on a coordinate plane (2 Words)
17.A number divisible by more than two numbers (2 Words)
20.a straight line on which you plot numbers in between integers (2 Words)
23.a number less than or behind zero (2 Words)
24.the number that never changes and will stay the same forever
25.A type of ratio that uses two parts of a proportion
27.to determine or set the value of an amount
28.the number before a variable in an equation
32.a relationship bewteen two similar proportions
33.a positive or negative number such as 1, 2, 3, -1, -2, -3, etc..........
38.the largest divisor of two given numbers

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