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P4: Explaining Motion

21st Century Science

From 2011 specification

2 3 4                       5
6             7 8           9       10
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4.A negative change of velocity (12)
6.No net force on an object, forces are _____ (8)
8.Two equal and opposite forces are known as a(n) ________ pair of forces (11)
12.Units for Energy (6)
13.This happens when two objects bang into each other (9)
14.Mass (kg) x Gravity (N / kg) (6)
16.Rate of change of speed (12)
18.This value gives the distance travelled when analysing Velocity-Time graphs. (4)
19.Weight (N) x Height (m) = (9)
21.The upward force of the ground on me (8)
24.Units are ' kg m / s ' (8)
26.AKA the slope of a graph, this gives the speed of an object from its Distance-Time graph ( 8)
27.Weight is not measured in kilograms because it is a ___ (5)
29.The vector version of 'distance over time' (8)
30.Newton's Third law - Every force has an equal and _______ reaction force (8)
32.Zone in a car designed to increase collision time (7)
33.A quantity with both magnitude and direction (6)
1.Without this, terminal velocity would not exist (3,10)
2.This device lengthens stop time and hence reduces the required force to stop a passenger. (8)
3.Type of energy associated with motion (7)
5.Loss of energy due to rubbing of particles together (8)
7.The vector version of distance (12)
9.In all collisions, momentum is ____ (9)
10.Weight is measured in Newtons (7)
11.The quantity given by 'distance over time' (5)
15.SI unit of mass. (9)
17.The net force acting on an object (9)
20.When a vector is in the opposite direction it is said to be ____ (8)
22.Resultant force (N) x distance (m) (4,4)
23.Car safety feature (6)
25.The maximum velocity of a falling object (8)
26.The force keeping us on earth's surface (7)
28.Measured in newton-seconds, = Force (N) x Time (s) (7)
31.The ability of air or fluid or friction to slow a moving object (4)

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