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Reasons to visit the UK

Jason Sears

Reasons why inbound tourists visit the UK...

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1.Known as Musee in French, this type of attraction is popular with educational groups.
7.Stonehenge and the Roman Baths in Bath are examples of this type of attraction.
9.The Trafford Centre and Meadowhall are examples of this type of attraction. (2 Words)
10.The Tate Modern and the Walker are examples of what type of cultural attraction? (2 Words)
11.Buckingham, Sandringham and St. James are examples of this type of historic attraction.
12.Lightwater Valley, Chessington and Alton Towers are what type of attraction? (2 Words)
13.This type of attraction is the home for wild animals.
2.Glastonbury, the 'V' and Bestival are all examples of what type of event? (2 Words)
3.This type of attraction is similar to a zoo however the animals have more room to live in. (2 Words)
4.This type of natural attraction can be sandy, shingle or pebble.
5.The Olympics, World Cup and European Championships are examples of this type of attraction. (2 Words)
6.This type of historic attraction is often the home of a rich family. (2 Words)
8.London's West End and New Yorks' Broadway are the location for what type of cultural attraction.

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