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chapter 25 world history

ty wyatt

1 2 3
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7.Large financial organization, manufacturing enterprise in Japan.
9.One of the men that influenced many Africans studying abroad.
12.Mexican artist supporting new Latin America spirit
16.South American Country bordered by Bolivia and Ecuador.
17.Succeeded Sun Yat-Sen.
18.This country's independence day is called "Cinco de Mayo.
20.Movement that stressed the need for the unity of all Africans
21.U.S. oil companies had close ties to this dictator
22.April 1927 thousands killed in Shanghai.
23.New Chinese republic founded in 1928.
27.Leader of radical party during 1916 in Argentina
29.Mao Zedongs army.
30.Sultan of the Ottomans in 1876
31.Country bordered by Uruguay and Chile
32.Leader of Chinese Nationalists in 1921
33.A government where a select group of people has control
1.Deliberate mass murder
2.President Kemal was known as this, it also means "Father Turk."
3.Official political party of the Mexican Revolution
4.Organized the Vietnamese Communists in the 1920s.
5.Aided Arabian nationalists after WWI, British Adventurer
6.Party members fled area after massacre led by this man.
8.Was Active in Indianal National Congress and part of MOvement for Indian self-rule.
10.Son of Motilal Nehru, studied law in Great Britain
11.Became a jewish state in 1890s
13.President of Brazil from 1930-1945.
14.President of Mexico 1934-1940.
15.Led a military mutiny in Tehran during 1925.
16.National Mexican oil company
19.Policy rejecting use of military force on South American soil
24.Great Spirit
25.Bordered my Tanganyika, Uganda, and Ethiopia.
26.Was invaded by middle-level military officers in 1931.
28.Reform leader in the 1920's united arabs in the northern part of the arabian peninsula.

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