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OLD & New Testament

Tom Lyons

3 4 5            
6       7      
    8           9  
  10   11     12
  15 16      
17         18        

2.The Israelites called god ______.
5.The ark angels name was ______.
6.How many times did he disown Jesus?
8.Father of jesus.
11.Jesus was a ___.
13.Jesus wore a crown of ______ when he died.
16.Noah put animals onto this.
17.Which disciple disowned Jesus?
18.Jesus died on a _____.
1.Where was Jesus born?
3.Makers of the gospels Matthew, Mark,Luke and ____.
4.Moses' brother.
5.First book of the old testament.
7.How many books in the bible?
9.___ testament is about CE.
10.How many books in the new testament?
11.What was the baby's name?
12.___ testament is about BCE.
14.How many books in the old testament?
15.Mother of jesus.

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