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Down On The Farm

Mr, Fasone

Environmental Science reviewer for the Food and Agriculture unit

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5.contain DNA possessing genes borrowed from unrelated species
6.composed of sugars
7.one way to avoid bare ground cover is to lay down this
9.animals excluded from HMSLA
11.64% of its adult citizens are obese
12.land that is fertile and can be used to grow crops
13.two causes of erosion: wayer and ____
15.lines on a topographic map that can never touch or cross
16.occurs when someone does not eat enough calories.
17.A complex mixture of minerals, decomposing organic materials, and living organisms
18.s daily intake of calories that is too high, leading to obesity
19.solid rock layer of the soil
22.nutritional imbalance caused by lack of specific dietary components
25.chemicals that are used to kill or repel insects, birds, or rodents.
26.a gas added during packaging to keep meat its red color
29.a map that shows how high and low the ground is in relation to sea level
34.single-crop farming
35.less farms more food; ___ revolution
36.contour lines form V’s that point ________ when they cross a stream
37.alternative method; animals are kept outdoors and allowed to roam
38.any natural process that redistributes soil and minerals across the earth
39.large-scale undernourishment occurs in a population
40.#1 produced food item in the world
41.Overuse of antibiotics increases the risk of bacteria evolving _____ to the antibiotic
42.animals are not stunned before slaughter
44.a point on a topographic map where exact elevation is known
47.animals that need to be raised in air-condition
48.main protein source of island and coastal countries
51.olives, nuts, and animal fats are good sources for this nutrient
52.major cause of famines
53.lines on a topographic map that indicates a depression in the land
54.a problematic aquatic plant caused by fertilizer runoff into water systems
55.nutrient that help build and maintain body structures
1.most common dietary deficiency in the world; causes anemia
2.type of erosion that caused the Dust Bowl
3.dry areas become more desert-like due to human activities
4.world's population = 7 _____
5.a swollen thyroid gland caused by iodine deficiency in one's diet
8.cattle/pigs are bled to death by cutting this artery
10.rise over run =
14.the crowding of a population to receive supplies from foreign aid during a famine
19.no crop; type of cropping system that produces the most erosion
20.percent of the world that is undernurished
21.poultry raised solely for egg production
23.scientific name for farming
24.farmers use this to stimulate crop growth; often confused with manure
27.delivering water to crops
28.60% of this food item is sold at market as genetically modified
30.any organism that forms the base of the energy pyramid
31.the number of food calories an adult needs in order to survive per day
32.differences between contour lines is called the contour _____.
33.shaping land to create level shelves of earth to hold water and soil
43.Most foods require more ____ to produce, process, and transport than we yield from them.
44.poultry raised solely for their meat
45.chemical placed in ground beef to kill bacteria
46.___ lbs of grain produces 1 lb of beef
49.foods that do not use synthetic pesticides and herbicide
50.a hormone that cows are injected with to increase milk production

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