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Civil War Crossword

Samantha Schmidt

1     2     3     4
    5 6  
7         8 9              
16 17              
18         19              

1.Piece of U.S. paper money first used in the North during the Civil War
7.A confederate soldier
9.An armored naval vessel
10.A continuous rise in the price of goods or services
13.Loyalty to a region
14.To choose not to take part in some activity
15.A Union soldier
17.A Runaway
18.The selection of soldiers for military service
19.A person captured, killed, or wounded
20.Position of attacking or the attacking itself
2.Occupying a strong defensive position
3.A storage place for weapons or ammunition
4.War on all aspects of an enemy's life
5.A person who gives his or her life for a greater cause
6.To leave or withdraw
8.To stop supplies and people from going in and out of an area by means of troops or warships
11.Money given as a reward
12.To free from slavery
16.To give official approval to

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