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Identifying and Classifying Animals

J Bender

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1.Spiders, ticks, mites, and scorpions
3.covered with feathers and lay fertile
5.the broadest level of classification.
6.an external hard body covering
7.based on internal and external body structures
9.have a two-part shell
12.have dry skin covered with scales
13.small, soft-bodied animals without an internal skeleton
14.animals that do not have a backbone
15.have an exoskeleton and six legs
16.a combination of its genus and species. (2 Words)
18.have single-part shells
19.animals that live in the water and on land
2.a worldwide system that uses seven stages or levels (2 Words)
4.animals have a singlecompartment
8.have soft bodies, no legs, and no antennae
10.animals with a backbone
11.animals that are covered with fur or hair, females produce milk
12.animals have a four-compartment
17.have an exterior covering of scales or skin and adjust their body temperature to the

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