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Plate Tectonics Crossword

Violet B.

Crossword including plate tectonics vocabulary words.

1     2                      
  3   4   5
  12                     13    
15   16    

1.An elongated region along which a plate descends relative to another plate, for example,
3.A steep-sided mount that forms when very viscous lava is extruded from a volcanic vent
7.The place where two or more plates in the Earth's crust meet
8.The system used to measure the strength of an earthquake
9.A measure of the effects of an earthquake at a particular place on humans, structures and/or the land itself. The
10.The theory, that Earth's continents were originally one land mass
12.A volcano that resembles an inverted warrior's shield
14.The thin outer layer of the Earth's surface
17.That point on the Earth's surface directly above the hypocenter of an earthquake
18.An area in the middle of a lithospheric plate where magma rises from the mantle and erupts at the Earth's surface
19.Stream of molten rock that erupts relatively nonexplosively from a volcano and moves slowly downslope
20.The maximum height of a wave crest or depth of a trough.
2.An active volcano that is in repose, but is expected to erupt in the future.
4.The layer of rock that lies between the crust and the outer core of the Earth
5.A steep-sided volcano built by lava flows and tephra deposits
6.A weak point in the Earth's crust and upper mantle where the rock layers have ruptured and slipped
11.A steep-sided volcano formed by the explosive eruption of cinders that form around a vent
13.An earthquake which follows a larger earthquake or main shock and originates in or near the rupture zone of the larger earthquake
15.The opening at the Earth's surface through which volcanic materials erupt
16.Molten rock containing liquids, crystals, and dissolved gases that forms within the upper part of the Earth's mantle and crust

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