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Permal Crossword!

Permal Team

2 3     4  
5   6          
    8 9   10
    11   12            
14   15     16
  19     20 21        
    22 23              
26           27          

2.Colour of the original XWP folders
6.The only other lunch option if you are sick of Subway
7.What is Lamrep?
12.What we give, an ____
13.Not quite an option or a swap
17.The shareholder of a fund
18.We celebrate Permal birthday's with this treat
21.____ to the Financial Statements
23.To ensure mathematical accuracy
24.Prudence _____
26.Audits the fund
27.Due to whom?
1.The first EGA
3.Use this to audit
4.Name of the best tasting coffee/tea at PwC
5.Go ____ Go!
8.A type of communication between team members
9.The street of the home offiice
10.To ensure the existence of an account
11.It's not Football it's ____
14.Permal's favourite chicken wing is a ___ wing
15.They hold the fund's securities and clean up after us
16.The main staff lounge
19.The best fund accounting company!
20.The head of the audit
22.Reviews the funds
25.The main audit application

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