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Oxidation-Reduction Reactions

Abagael Murphy

This chapter goes into detail about the meaning of Oxidation and Reduction, Oxidation numbers and balancing Redox equations.

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1.another name for an oxidation-reduction reaction (2 Words)
5.the substance in a redox reaction that donates electrons (2 Words)
7.a reaction that involves the transfer of electrons between reactants (2 Words)
9.the substance in a redox reaction that accepts electrons (2 Words)
10.an equation showing either the oxidation or the reduction that takes place in a redox reaction
2.a method of balancing a redox equation by comparing the increases and decreases in oxidation numbers (2 Words)
3.a method of balancing a redox equation by balancing the oxidation and reduction half-reactions separatley before combining them into a balanced redox equation (2 Words)
4.a positive or negative number assigned to an atom to indicate it's degree of oxidation or reduction (2 Words)
6.a process that involves a complete or partial gain of electrons or the loss of oxygen
8.process that involves complete or partial loss of electrons or a gain of oxygen

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