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Page Crossword Puzzle

Samuel Christopher Nobile

1 2     3
5                   6      
  7       8        
9         10

1.something over which one has rights or exercises control
4.a dug out trench used as a defense for castles
5.plague caused by a bacterium
7.a small piece of bread used as a plate in the Medieval Times
11.a grating of iron hung over the gateway of a fortified place and lowered between grooves to prevent passage
12.an association of people with similar interests or pursuits
13.a copier of manuscripts
14.a member of a European class of people tilling the soil
15.one employed in a large household or estate to manage domestic concerns
2.lighting up
3.a scripting written by hand
6.one who is learning by practical experience by a skilled worker
8.Medieval European stronghold
9.a knightly sport of the Middle Ages between mounted combatants armed with blunted lances or swords and divided into two parties contesting for a prize or favor bestowed by the lady of the tournament
10.the second in rank under the king

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