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3.The area of a blade nearest to the hub. Generally the thickest and widest part of the blade.
7.The spinning thing that makes an airplane move forward. Often incorrectly used (by Otherpower.com also!) to describe a wind turbine Rotor.
9.A source of energy that is not depleted by use, such as water, wind, or solar power.
11.A device that produces Direct Current from a rotating shaft.
14.A device to slow a wind turbine's shaft speed down to safe levels electrically or mechanically.
16.A device that uses wind power to mill grain into flour. But informally used as a synonym for wind generator or wind turbine, and to describe machines that pump water with wind power.
17.The center of a wind generator rotor, which holds the blades in place and attaches to the shaft.
18.A device for transferring power from a rotating shaft to a generator. Allows the use of Pulleys to change the ratio of shaft speed to and from the generator.
19.A device that measures wind speed
1.A measure of electrical potential difference. One volt is the potential difference needed in a circuit to make one Ampere flow, dissipating one Watt of heat.
2.A structure that supports a wind generator, usually high in the air.
4.Using a mechanical system of gears or belts and pulleys to increase or decrease shaft speed. Power losses from friction are inherent in any gearing system.
5.The part of a wind generator rotor that catches the wind.
6.wind generation: power derived from the wind (as by windmills).
7.-Bearings that support a horizontal shaft
8.A device for transferring power when using Belts as Gearing. Changing to smaller or larger Pulleys changes the gear ratio, and can be used to make a shaft turn faster or slower than the shaft that is providing its power.
10.A machine that captures the force of the wind. Called a Wind Generator when used to produce electricity. Called a Windmill when used to crush grain or pump water.
12.The centerline of a rotating object's movement
13.A strut that holds the tail (Vane) to the wind generator frame.
15.The rotating part in the center of a wind generator or motor that transfers power.

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