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GCSE AQA revision crossword


1           2 3
4   5      
    8         9          
12                           13  

1.the weather expected of a place, calculated over 30 years
5.The material a river carries
6.the atmospheric conditions from hour to hour and day to day
7.This term is used when a number of people visit a place at once
8.Factors that want to make a tourist visit a place
11.closely packed isobars on a weather map symbolize this
12.When people visit harsh enviroments where it's not possible to live
14.A result of human activity that has lead to the Earth heating up
15.An earthquakes stength/magnitude is measured by this
16.Things that encourage a person to migrate from their country
17.A volcano made up of layers of ash and lava
2.When water changes state from a liquid to gas
3.A place where the migrant moves to
4.Land that has not been built on before
7.the power of the volume of the water in a river
9.A method used to reduce traffic in the city
10.Water is evaported from leaves
13.When the river drops off its load

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