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GCSE AQA Revision Crossword


GCSE revision crossword for Geograqphy. Topics: Restless Earth The Challenge of Weather and Climate Water on the Land Population Changing Urban Environments Tourism

1 2                        
  4   5 6  
7 8                 9     10     11  
13     14                          
17                   18            

2.A main route for motor transport
8.Weather strongly influenced by the ocean eg. UK
12.Country that an immigrant lives in
13.Visiting extreme environments to do activities
15.The river load that are transported in a hopping motion
17.The point where 2 streams meet
18.A bend in the river
19.A scheme that helps squatter settlers to improve their homes, providing basic materials
20.Something that forces a migrant to leave a particular place
21.A person moving from one place to another to live
1.Molten Rock
2.A country with a high proportion of elderly people living there
3.An area that attracts lots of tourists.
4.Land that hasn't been built on before usually in rural areas
5.Restoration of run down urban areas by middle class
6.Cutting down tress
7.Where a cold front catches up to a warm front
9.The flow of ash and mud after an eruption
10.High atmospheric pressure which brings a period of calm weather
11.When there isn't enough water to meet demand
14.Used to measure the power of an earthquake
16.When a dense plate is forced under a less dense plate causing an eruption

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