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Green Building

Baladev Rice and Brent Schlegel

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1.a green system that is not yet available
4.a toxic chemical in some finishes that you should avoid in green buildings
7.This is what green building saves long-term, but needs much of to begin construction.
8.an organic material used for insulation that decreases deforestation
9.devices put on roofs to convert light into energy to reduce usage of fossil fuels
12.A green home takes more of this to build (hint: Not Money)
14.a glass window put in ceilings to help regulate temperature
17.a code of conduct that makes the standard rules for green building
18.a synonym for building
19.this type of wood is hightly recommended
20.Synonym for nature
2.a problem that has to do with trees that green construction helps solves
3.a plant material used as flooring as a substitute for wood.
5.in this president's stimulus package, he wanted to make green building more common
6.a problem that is caused by the burning of fossil fuels that green building helps reduce.
10.waste generated from the burning of coal that is put in drywall to reduce pollution and waste
11.an association devoted to make green buildings more common
13.Because green buildings are stronger, they need less of this
15.an air system that when green, cut heating costs
16.What green building is to the enviornment

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