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Hybrid Cars Crossword Puzzle

Ross Wilkerson and Tristen Zimmer

1 2
3   4            
5       6 7        
9 10          
  11     12           13
        14 15            
18               19      

4.a type of fuel that increases corn sales
7.another top seller of hybrid cars
8.a type of fuel that is produced by electric charges
12.the secondary option for the movement of a hybrid
15.The sound a hybrid car makes
16.gases produced by an engine of a car
17.a car that is not a hybrid model
18.a type of fuel that takes high pressure to store and is produced by water
19.the year that the first hybrid vehicle was invented
1.a type of fuel made from soybeans
2.one of the top hybrid car sellers
3.the percentage of emissions conventional cars produce in the US
4.a place that is harmed by pollution
5.the creator of the hybrid vehicle
6.a model of a car that is powered by two different things
9.a type of fuel that is a renewable resource and is drilled out of the ground
10.harmful gases that destroy the earth
11.a chemically charged material that powers a hybrid vehicle
13.Harmful gases that harm the environment
14.The substance that makes a conventional car move

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