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1 2 3
5 6                  
  10 11          
13                 14 15
17           18      
21         22              

4.Carnivorous marsupial that growls and screams to scare other animals (2 Words)
6.Long-nosed marsupial that eats insects and plant roots
7.The famous operahouse is found in this city
8.Small squirrel-like animal that "flies" between trees (2 Words)
9.______ mines used to be found all around Australia
11.Nickname for someone from Australia
12.Bird with a unique call that sounds like it is laughing
13.The native people of Australia
16.Australia is home to some of the most ______ creatures in the world
17.Popular ocean sport, involving a long fiberglass board
19.Strange-looking marsupial that lives near water and has a duck-like bill
20.Bird that can mimic almost any sound that it hears
21.Eucalpytus-eating marsupial that is often mistakenly called a "bear"
22.Large marsupials that live in groups called "mobs"
1.Wild dogs that live in the outback
2.Coral ecosystem found off of the Australian coast (3 Words)
3.Animal that looks like a miniature kangaroo
5.Large, flightless bird that has a large head crest and a colourful face
10.Large, carnivorous reptile found near saltwater
14.Australia is also know as the "Land ______ ______" (2 Words)
15.The "_____" is another name for Australia's hot, dry wildlands
18.Greeting you might hear from locals

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