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Wind power crossword!!


Try to solve some wind power words!!!!

1   2   3
4               5   6        
10   11                    
17     18                 19   20  

1.horizontal axis wind turbine
4.an electronic device for producing a signal voltage
6.the rotating part of a wind turbine, including the blades and blade assembly, or the rotating part of a generator
8.the wind speed at which a wind turbine begins to generate electricity
10.to detect wind direction
14.a device to measure wind speed
15.the aerodynamic surface that catches the wind
17.a energy that doesn't pollute air, land, or water
19.vertical axis wind turbine
21.a passive protection for the turbine where the rotors fold up or around the tail vane
2.A turbine having a large vaned wheel rotated by the wind to generate electricity
3.the ratio of the power extracted by a wind turbine to the power available in the wind stream
5.a type of energy that can be keep on reusing
7.the energy of a body or a system with respect to the motion of the body or of the particles in the system
9.a group of wind turbines
11.the body of a propeller-type wind turbine, containing the gearbox, generator, blade hub, and other parts
12.A tool that uses wind power to mill grain into flour in the old times.
13.One of the first one to use wind power
16.a system used to stop the rotor from turning
18.the shape of the blade cross-section, to enhance the lift and improve turbine performance
20.is moving air caused by uneven heating on Earth's surface

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