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3 4            
  5   6 7
    9       10
11   12             13              
      14 15      
    16       17        
18     19      
21   22      

2.The Book is Set In A ________ Time Frame.
4.Ceil Seems To ________ Elizibeth.
8.Ceil Is Betrothed To ____________.
11.________Is Loved By All Of The Staff At The Manor.
13.The Gardener Is________.
14._______Is A Reaper.
16.The Only Surviving Member Of His Family Was_________.
18.Ceil Has A Large______ Indistry.
19.Sebastion Risked His________ Saving Ceil.
20.The Head Of The Phantomhive Family?
21.Sebastion Is A ________.
23.Sebastion Must Save His Young Master From A __________
24.Elizibeth Breaks The Family_________ .
1.Ceil's Aunt Is ?
3.Grell ______ With Sebastion During Their Fight.
5.The Main Butler Is?
6.Ceil And Her Have What Kind Of Competition?
7.Ceil Gave His Soul For ________ Aginst The People Who Burnt Down His Manor.
9.Ceil Disappeared For _________ Month(s).
10.Ceil Gives His ________ To Sebastion.
12.The Cook/Chef Is _______.
15.The Other Helpers _________ Everything For Their Guest.
16.The House Maid Is _________.
17.Elizibeth's________ Comes For A Visit.
22.Ceil Had Dissapeared After His_______ Burnt Down.

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