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Drug List Exam Prep

Mitchell Juergens SRN

Test your knowledge of 13 drugs.

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1.Comes in an IV Flush used as a anticoagulant (Generic)
8.You must check apical pulse before administering this drug (Brand)
9.This drug is used in treatment of fluid volume defict (Brand) (2 Words)
11.Scurvy is treated and prevented with this drug (Generic) (2 Words)
13.This drug helps to control blood clotting. (2 Words)
14.Antidote for overdose of warfarin sodium (Generic)
15.Ace Inhibitor used to treat high blood pressure (Brand)
16.Vitamin C is soluble in this.
18.Digibind is used as an antidote for this drug (Brand)
21.The classification for this drug is laxative (Generic)
26.What kind of relationship do Heparin and Vitamin K have?
27.Brand name opioid for morphine.
29.Anticoagulant used as a prophylaxis and treatment of venous thrombosis.
30.Narcotic used to treat moderate to severe pain (Generic)
2.This drug is in the Histamine-2 blocker family (Generic)
3.Used to prevent nausea and vomiting (Brand)
4.Loop diuretic used to treat fluid volume overload (Generic)
5.Excessive use of this drug will lead to hypokalemia (Brand)
6.Used to treat and prevent hypokalemia (Generic) (2 Words)
7.Blood sugar levels for Type 2 Diabetes are controlled using this (Brand)
10.Cardiac glycoside used to treat heart failure (Brand)
12.Promotes iron absorption (2 Words)
17.This drug is classified as an antiemetic (Generic)
19.Laxative used to relieve occasional constipation (Generic)
20.Excessive bleeding can result from taking this herb and Coumadin.
22.Too much of this drug can cause hypoglycemia (Generic)
23.Generic name for Capoten.
24.If you are taking captopril you should be advised to avoid moderately high or high _____________ dietary intake.
25.Used to treat and prevent ulcers (Brand)
28.The drug responsible for clotting blood is soluble in this.

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