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The 1920's

Jessica Weaver

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1.Outlawed Alcohol
5.Limiting the number of immagrents
8.Something popular for a short time
11.Reduction of the nations guns
12.Persuasion to buy something
14.A skilled advertiser
18.Economic system based on free enterprise
19.Nickname given to time period because of the music
20.Rapidly creating goods
21.A better car then the Modal T
22.Belief that native-born Americans are superior
23.Carried out crimes against certain races
24.Illegal Bars
25.Most popular dance
2.An economic comedown
3.A factory worker
4.Granted Women the right to vote
6.Crime as a business
7.People who believed there should be no government
8.Young woman with attitude
9.Rebirth of black culture
10.Debate over what should be taught in schools, evolution or creationism
13.Hiding Alcohol during prohibition
15.The government owns everything
16.When the government went after comumists
17.Rising stock market

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