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Wind Power

Jordan Mokricky

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2.One Joule of electrical energy per second. In DC circuits
4.A body that attracts ferromagnetic materials
5.The force exerted by moving air on asymmetrically-shaped wind generator blades at right angles to the direction of relative movement
7.The voltage per amp needed to make electricity flow through a wire
11.See Resistance
13.Multiple individual coils of wire wound on a laminate core, transfers power from one circuit to another using magnetic induction. Usually used to step voltage up or down. Works only with AC current
14.See Cycles per Second
17.The blade and hub assembly of a wind generator
18.The centerline of the turbines movement
19.In a wind generator, wind forces pushing back against the rotor. Wind generator bearings must be designed to handle thrust or else they will fail
1.An electric chemical device for storing energy
2.Toward the direction from which the wind blows
3.A device that captures the force of the wind to provide rotational motion to produce power with an alternator or generator
6.In a permanent alternator magnet, the distance between the magnets and the laminates
8.The ratio of energy output to energy input in a device
9.With wind generator towers, a tower that does not tilt up and down
10.The end of a wind generator blade farthest from the hub
12.A force attempting to produce motion around an axis
15.he distance between the center of a circle and the outside
16.See Setting Angle
18.A see alternating current

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