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Green Building

Josh Eric and Jake

Green Building terms

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1.The point on the skydome directly overhead, the 90-degree solar altitude angle .
3.A relatively horizontal, glazed roof aperture for the admission of daylight
6.Lighting in an area from any source that produces general illumination, as opposed to task lighting (2 Words)
10.The process by which incident light energy is converted to another form of energy, usually heat.
11.The ratio of reflected light flux to incident light flux.
12.A method of constructing walls in which the cladding is separated from a membrane by an airspace that allows pressure equalization to prevent rain from being forced in. Often used for high-rise buildings or for buildings in windy locations.
13.The relation of a building and its associated fenestration and interior surfaces to compass direction and, therefore, to the location of the sun.
15.Generation of electricity from the energy of sunlight, using photocells
17.A single opaque or translucent element used to diffuse or shield a surface from direct or unwanted light.
20.Crushed, waste glass that is returned for recycling.
22.A renewable product can be grown or naturally replenished or cleansed at a rate that exceeds human depletion of the resource.
23.Light-sensing cells used to activate controllers at dawn or dusk.
2.Extremely high sensitivity of an individual to certain substances.
4.In stormwater management, entry of runoff into the soil.
5.Any agent or process that receives electrons during a chemical reaction.
7.Cloth or clothlike materials intended for use in the soil, usually for filtering or containing soil water. Some types are used to prevent or control erosion.
8.The raw material used in manufacturing a product, such as the oil or gas used to make a plastic
9.In stormwater management, ponding of runoff in pools and basins for water-quality improvement and flood prevention.
14.A substance capable of causing an allergic reaction because of an individuals sensitivity to that substance.
15.A lightweight, expanded mineral bead; highly flame-resistant and with good insulating value
16.In lighting design, the process by which the human visual system becomes accustomed to more or less light, resulting from a change in the sensitivity of the eye to light.
18.Any molecule chain made up from repeated elements, for example, plastics and adhesives.
19.Area of land that, as a result of topography, drains to a single point or area.
21.is a building environmental certification program developed and operated by the U.S. Green Building Council.

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