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Air Pollution

By: Mitchell Speeler

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3.A mixture of pollutants, principally ground-level ozone, produced by chemical reactions in the air involving smog-forming chemicals.
6.A gas which is a variety of oxygen.
8.Pure air, used for calibrating air monitoring instruments.
9.The amount of light obscured by particle pollution in the atmosphere.
13.The gaseous phase of liquids or solids at atmospheric temperature and pressure.
14.Unwanted chemicals or other materials found in the air.
16.Release of pollutants into the air from a source.
17.The addition of harmful chemicals to the atmosphere.
18.Solid particles less than 1 micron in diameter formed as vapors condense, or as chemical reactions take place.
19.A measured level of an air pollutant higher than the national or state ambient air quality.
20.Power used with the sun .Something powered by the sun.
1.Particles of solid or liquid matter than can remain suspended in air from a few minutes to many months depending on the particle size and weight.
2.The amount of a pollutant that is absorbed.
4.A layer of warm air in the atmosphere that prevents the rise of cooling air and traps pollutants beneath it.
5.Solid particulate matter that can become airborne.
7.ermission granted for a limited time (under stated conditions) for a person or company to operate outside the limits prescribed in a regulation.
10.A visible or measurable discharge of a contaminant from a given point of origin that can be measured according to the Ringelmann scale.
11.Cancer caused by smoke or smog entering the
12.Fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas; so-called because they are the remains of ancient plant and animal life.
15.An air pollution control device that uses a high energy liquid spray to remove aerosol and gaseous pollutants from an air stream.

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