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Ch. 14 Lymphatic System and Immunity

Anatomy and Physiology

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1.A large, phagocytic cell
5.A large lymphatic organ in the upper abdominal area that processes old red blood cells
7.A mass of lymphoid tissue, found in areas under the chin, the armpits and the groin area (2 Words)
8.Specific defenses carried out by T and B-lymphocytes (2 Words)
11.Lymphocyte produced in the primary immune response that can be activated radidly if the same antigen shows up again (2 Words)
12.Fluid carried in lymphatic vessels
14.Also known as a T-lymphocyte, this cell interacts directly with antigens producing the cellular immune response (2 Words)
17.B cell or T cell, this is a type of white blood cell that provides immunity
18.A disease causing agent
19.Nonspecific immune defenses that block entry of or destroy pathogens (2 Words)
20.Also known as a B-lymphocyte, this cell produces and secretes antibodies to destroy foreign substances (2 Words)
2.The attack of T cells and their secreted products on foreign cells; this is by cell-to-cell contact (3 Words)
3.A chemical (usually a protein) that stimulates B cells to produce antibodies
4.A pattern of connected vessels that transport lymph (2 Words)
6.Antibody-producing cell that forms when activated B cells proliferate (2 Words)
8.A protein produced by B cells in the response to the presence of an antigen that it reacts with and destroys
9.A tissue response to stress or injury that causes blood vessel dilation and fluid accumulation in the affected area; produces redness, swelling, heat and pain
10.Resistance to the effects of specific disease-causing agents
13.A glandular lymphatic organ in the mediastinum behind the sternum and between the lungs
15.A foreign substance that can trigger an allergic reaction
16.A substance that includes antigens that stimulate an immune response against a particular pathogen (such as whooping cough, measles and chicken pox)

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