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Level3 Education by: A. Fehri

Powered by: Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

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1.it has to be done before the school year starts
5.having a natural ability to do something well
9.synonym to "complement" (= expressing approval or admiration)
11.to plant or spread seeds in/ on the ground
12.special trousers (pants) covering the chest used in the work area
16.if a pupil is kept at school for an extra time as a punishment
17.the antonym of "reward"
18.to be on the day or night ~ at the factory
20.an untidy pile of something
21.difficult or sad situation
24.a common problem in schools where bullies are responsible for
26.a thing that you can either choose or have other possibilities
27.a punishment in which a sentence has to be repeated a number of times
30.to behave in a silly way, especially if supposed to be doing something else
32.to make something increase or become better or more successful
33.~ is done by teachers before starting the lesson
34.difficult to control or manage
35.what happens to people and which is unavoidable and unchangeable
36.not part of the usual course of work or studies at school or college
37.~ (of something) is a level of quality, especially one that people think is acceptable
2.very silly or unreasonable
3.pupils are put into the Arts, science, economics & management or computer science
4.to help something to happen or develop (=encourage)
6.preventing sb or sth from taking part in sth
7.a slow steady movement from one place to another; gradual change from a situation to another, especially a bad one
8.criticize somebody or something, especially in newspaper
10.something that provides information
13.you have ~ , when you don't wait for others to tell you what to (decide to) do
14.officially removing sb from their job, school, team...
15.the feeling of being happy with your own character and abilities
16.physical or mental condition that has negative effects
19.to develop quickly; to be successful; to grow well; to be healthy and happy
22.completely developed; with all the necessary qualifications for something
23.the language that you first learn to speak when you are born
25.successfully completing a university degree
28.~ of Arts / Science / Engineering etc.
29.achieve something; follow or chase sb or sth
31.social or professional position

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