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The Wild Word Search


1 2 3
  6 7                
10                     11                
12   13            
  14       15
17                   18              

4.Interference with animals and mankind. (2 Words)
5.When the supply of fish has been exhausted.
7.When something introduces harmful products into the wild.
8.Humans killing animals for their pelts, horn, fins, tusks, and bones.
10.Animals threatened with extinction.
11.A form of life.
13.If an animal's species dies out.
16.To restore to a healthy condition.
17.To spend time helping out selflessly.
18.Become greater in number or size.
19.Wide variety of plants and animals in their natural environment.
20.A group of people ready to fight for a cause.
1.The combination of an area’s surroundings (abiotic and biotic).
2.When humans transport animals illegally. (2 Words)
3.To withhold from buying or using products.
6.A rise in the average condition over many years. (2 Words)
9.To restore or protect things.
12.Humans cutting down forests for our own use.
14.The average weather and temperatures for many years.
15.Class of individuals with common characteristics.

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