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Estuary - Biome

Biology 3rd Warren Price, Tori Koukos

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1.A type of water. It is found in many places such as lakes, ponds, creeks, and rivers.
5._______ Harbor. Located in the north east part of the United States. The famous location of the _______ Tea party, during the American Revolution
6.Main source of energy for all biomes
7.A type of water. It is mostly found in oceans. For example the type of water you swim at when your at the beach.
8._________ factor , the living factors in an environment.
9.A threat to an estuary. Many organisms are hurt. A recent incident happened with the BP gas company.
10._________ factor , the non living factors in an environment.
2.___-_________ Bay. An example of an estuary. Located in California and about 400 miles from L.A.
3._____-cycle. A crucial cycle that a biome helps. It is the cycle of which water circulates around the Earth
4.The tidal mouth of a river, where the tide meets the stream. A type of Biome

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