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E-Waste Crossword

Michael Nardei + Garrett Pelkofer

1 2          
  3 4  
6                   7  
8             9
14     15              
16             17          

2.what the U.S. does with some of it's e-waste
6.common way to dispose of e-waste (burns it)
10.a holiday celebrated in New Zealan to celebrate the recycling of e-waste
11.the country that produces the most electronic waste in the world
13.electronic meant to last 7 years but is thrown away after about 11 months
14.hazardous chemical found in e-waste (sounds like america)
16.another chemical found in e-waste (starts with a "c")
17.the TV that holds the number for most amount of units put in a landfill
18.the most common electronic item found in a landfill
19.where e-waste is stored when it is thrown away
1.Found in e-waste that has been disposed of
2.electronic waste
3.an acidic type chemial found in most e-waste products
4.having the ability to cause harm to a human being
5.the ability to emit radioactive waves that can be extremely harmful to a human
7.to not have a use anymore, useless
8.a famous statue made entirely of electronic waste items
9.a harmful chemical found in e-waste (used to be in pencils)
12.another word for gabage
15.to break down a used product so it can be used again

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