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Green Cleaning

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2.place in which you live and where almost half of your natural products come form
6.a brand of cleaning products that is sold by Wal-Mart
8.there is about 55,000 pounds of this in American households
12.can be used to clean your windows and clean your wounds
14.name brand green cleaner that are certified to have healthy ingredients
15.everyday products that have various chemicals in whick people get sick from
16.term used that means "environmentally friendly"
17.a term used to refer to the healthier way to clean
19.pollution within the household
20.used to clean your kitchen
1.people who come to your house and clean it for you
3.important materical you need to put your own cleaners in
4.this place gets 218,000 calls a day about people getting sick from cleaning products
5.means not expensive
7.activiates some of the cleaners
9.used in your laundry and for cleaning your bathroom
10.people break out, swell up, get rashes, or sometimes their throats close up
11.used in salads and is used in all purpose cleaners
13.something used by everyone everyday
18.used in a popular drink and is used to make all purpose cleaner

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